Thinz Original diet pills

Thinz Original


  • Excellent product
  • Worked well


  • Banned worldwide- not available anywhere
  • Serious side effects


While Thinz was an amazing product that really worked, the side effects combined with the use of Thinz to manufacture illegal drugs resulted in it being banned worldwide.

Thinz Original Diet Pills

Some Thinz Diet Pill History

Thinz original diet pills were possibly the best-selling weight loss pill to ever be on the South African open market. Apart from South Africa, Thinz diet pills enjoyed a loyal following from many other parts of the world including the U.K.

Thinz diet pills were described by users as supplying plenty of energy, vastly reduced appetite, and a feel-good and happy feeling.

Thinz diet pill’s main ingredient was a chemical called d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride, which is an amphetamine.

d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride was also unfortunately one of the main ingredients used in the manufacture of the horror drug CAT.

The main ingredient in Thinz, d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride, was made a schedule 6 ingredient. This meant that any product that contained the ingredient, including Thinz and Relislim, could now only be obtained on a doctor’s script.

Thinz had some really nasty side effects for some unlucky users. These ranged from heart attacks, strokes, and loads of other symptoms even down to increased hair loss due to reduced blood circulation.

This, unfortunately, led to the banning of Thinz Original from over-the-counter sales, and hence it is no longer available anywhere in the world. Thinz found that it was no longer profitable for them to continue with the drastically reduced sales due to clients having to obtain a doctor’s script to obtain their product. They decided to withdraw Thinz original from the worldwide market.

A product in the UK carries the same name but is not related to Thinz original in any way and can not be expected to perform similarly.

Thinz subsequently released a herbal alternative, Alcachofra, which has failed to see the same results as were achieved by Thinz original.


Alternative to Original Thinz Diet Pills

It is difficult to replace a fat burner such as Thinz as it was an extremely powerful product that worked directly on your hormones. However, there are many new products available which do offer very similar results.

My suggested alternative to Thinz diet pills.

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50 thoughts on “Thinz Original Diet Pills”

    1. Hi Betty – as per article above Thinz are banned worldwide so they are not available anywhere.

      1. Hi dose anyone know we’re I can buy Thinz original I was on it before it really work for me but don’t seem to get it any where in South Africa East London.

        1. Hi Johanna – sorry but you won’t find Thinz anywhere in the world. It has been completely banned.

  1. Hi
    If I had to get a prescription from the doctor, would I get thinz?

    1. Hi Shadi. I doubt it. More than likely the Doctor would prescribe Duromine for you.

  2. Way they banned all the things what work for weight loss people is more flexable when sy not fat and its every persons own dicision if they will use it!!!!

    1. Hi Issie, unfortunately the side effects from most of these products are very serious and can result in death or permanent disability.

    2. I agree. That was my miracle pill. How can we convince the government to unban it. They legalised weed. I’m so depressed about not having that pill anymore. It was the only pill that ever worked. I finally lost the weight using it. Wish we can do something.

  3. Hi sorry the article says they are banned but then refers to getting a prescription. So if I were able to get a prescription for instance would I be able to get things? Sorry just confused.

    1. Hi Candice – thanks for pointing it out. Originally Thinz was still available on a doctors script but it is no longer manufactured (due to drop in sales) and therefore no longer available at all. I will edit the article accordingly.

    2. I used the original Thinz for over 10 years and it worked for me. Then you needed a prescription which I got until it was totally taken off the market.

      1. A great alternative for men is to use Testogen Pills to naturally build your testosterone levels. Increased testosterone results in increased fat burning as well as a host of other masculine benefits.

  4. Good day can you please tell me what year Thinz was banned off t

    1. From what I understand the active ingredient d-norpseudoephedrine, was made a schedule 6 (Doctors prescription only) ingredient in 2008.

      1. I actually purchased thinz in 2010. When my friends asked me about it, they couldn’t find it anywhere. So I’d assume it was banned in 2010/2011.

    1. Unfortunately you can’t buy Thinz anywhere in the world – it is banned.

  5. I used thinz a few years ago. It was truly amazing! It looked somewhat different to the picture I’ve seen above. Not sure if the thinz I’m talking about is different?! It was a red flat tablet. My goodness I must have lost 20kgs in less than 3 months. It was brilliant. Now. A good few years later. After having a baby 3 months ago… I seriously need to lose some weight. Duromine is considered an excellent product I have used it in the past which for 3 months I only lost 6kgs. It’s very slow and the worst part is that It never let me sleep at night I had to purchase over the counter sleeping pills just to sleep. Guys just BANT. GET some information on banting and do it. My friend has lost so much weight on banting and it also lets you feel good naturally. I will consider this. Xoxo to all those trying hard to shed those killos ALL THE BEST! Good luck! MwaaahxXx ?

  6. Which other product is as good on the current market? And I am not referring to natural ingredients

    1. Thinz is no longer manufactured. You can not get it anywhere.

    1. Thinz is no longer manufactured. You can not get it anywhere.

    1. You can’t buy Thinz anywhere. Your doctor could prescribe a similar product to you but Thinz discontinued production worldwide.

  7. I need thinz original ones they have to bring it back it work for me very well, in South Africa we were not getting all those overweight stories only if we get Thinz back. There over weight it’s costing us a lot of money and buying things that are not working for us. South African never used Thinz in a wrong way never we lov our figures.

  8. In that case that thinz has been banned, what else can I use to help me loose weight

  9. Relislim is not banned and identical ingredients to thinz . I have used thinz original and relislim and they are equal to each other with effectiveness. Do you sell relislim has my seller is far to expensive x

    1. Hi Tracy – The ingredients in a product get banned and not the name. Relislim is a Schedule 6 product due to the ingredients. The reason that your supplier is expensive is due to the fact that you are buying the product illegally without a doctors script on the black market.

  10. I want buy thinz don’t say you have not got it because we all know this is lie. how I ask you take photograph of packet if you don’t have it, aha you thought you could trick us. don’t claim banned and take photograph. don’t hold dem thinz for yourself, we needs

  11. thinz worked for me and there were no side effects . i also want to buy where can i get them?

  12. Hi also use this pills i also have no side affects i did a regular checkups at the pharmacy its the olny pill that help i got my body back but now i need it again after my pregnancy i gain weight and cant find this pills no other dieet pills help so plz were can i get this and what is the price. Thanks

  13. Hi I desparetly need thinz guys please help, I can’t take this any more

  14. so I have read all replies, just need the same pills as thinz in south africa

  15. I just need something that’s the same as thinz in south africa.

    Because everything I’ve ever used does not work..
    This is a money making scheme. They take things that works off the market that you must buy more to try losing weight. Because they know we will keep trying to lose weight.

    The only Diet that really works cost R4500 monthly. But you then also starve yourself to death.


  16. Good day

    Do you possibly have the original Thinz capsules?

  17. Good day, i am looking for any information i can find on the original slimming dragee tablets, not the herbal one that are available now.

  18. Literally just smoke meth, it’s the equivalent and as harmful as Thinz. Problem solved.

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