Thinz Original diet pills

Thinz Original


  • Excellent product
  • Worked well


  • Banned worldwide- not available anywhere
  • Serious side effects


While Thinz was an amazing product that really worked, the side effects combined with the use of Thinz to manufacture illegal drugs resulted in it being banned worldwide.

Thinz Original Diet Pills

Some Thinz Diet Pill History

Thinz original diet pills were possibly the best selling weight loss pill to ever be on the South African open market. Apart from South Africa, Thinz diet pills enjoyed a loyal following from many other parts of the world including the U.K.

Thinz diet pills were described by users as supplying plenty of energy, vastly reduced appetite and a feel good and happy feeling.

Thinz diet pill’s main ingredient was a chemical called d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride, which is an amphetamine.

d-Norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride was also unfortunately one of the main ingredients used in the manufacture of the horror drug CAT.

This unfortunately led to the banning of Thinz Original from over the counter sales in South Africa and the U.K. Thinz original is now only available on a doctor’s prescription, which unfortunately makes Thinz original diet tablets unavailable for most dieters.

Thinz subsequently released a herbal alternative, Alcachofra, which has failed to see the same results as were achieved by Thinz original.

Alternative to Original Thinz Diet Pills

It is difficult to replace a fat burner such as Thinz as it was an extremely powerful product that worked directly on your hormones. However there are many new products available which do offer very similar results.

My suggested alternative to Thinz diet pills.

Make Your Own Diet Pills

7 thoughts on “Thinz Original Diet Pills”

    1. Hi Betty – as per article above Thinz are banned worldwide so they are not available anywhere.

      1. Hi dose anyone know we’re I can buy Thinz original I was on it before it really work for me but don’t seem to get it any where in South Africa East London.

        1. Hi Johanna – sorry but you won’t find Thinz anywhere in the world. It has been completely banned.

  1. Hi
    If I had to get a prescription from the doctor, would I get thinz?

    1. Hi Shadi. I doubt it. More than likely the Doctor would prescribe Duromine for you.

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