7 tips to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

Great ways to lose weight fastWe have all been in that situation when you suddenly realize that you have somehow gained a little too much weight and you need to get rid of it quick. The problem is how do you lose weight fast.

You live in a fast society where you have instant access to everything and when you want to lose weight you want to lose it now!

Although weight loss is normally not an overnight affair, there are some steps that you may take that could increase the speed that you are able to get rid of those unwanted kilo’s and start to fit into your clothes comfortably again.

7 Great tips to lose weight fast.

Eat lot’s of Fruit

Besides benefiting from the normal health aspects of eating fruit you may discover that fruit is vital to your weight loss. Fruit can help to increase your fat burning and also will help to alleviate colon problems. Discover more about how fruit will help you lose weight.

Eat more often

Despite some popular beliefs, increasing your meals can speed up your metabolism so that you burn fat faster. Try to eat three normal meals and three planned healthy snacks at regular times each day. The regular intake of calories programs your body to not store calories as fat and so increases your metabolism and fat burning rate. Read more about eating to lose weight.

Drink more water

Water consumption is one of the most vital aspects to losing weight. Pure water removes harmful toxins and boosts your metabolism. Drink a glass of water each hour and stay away from carbonated and sweetened drinks. Read more about using water to help weight loss.

Regular Colon

Keeping your colon regular will not only boost weight loss but also increase overall health and improve skin tone. The longer matter lies in your digestive tract the more calories, fat and, eventually, toxins will be absorbed into your body. If your colon is problematic then I would really suggest that you eat more fruit on an empty stomach in the morning to help your stomach get back into order.

Should you choose to use a laxative I do suggest that you use a natural senna based laxative and not one of the chemical based ones that will strip your body of essential minerals.

Light Exercise

Joining a gym is seldom really necessary for you to lose weight. Increase your exercise merely by doing little bits more throughout the day such as increasing your walking distance. Park a little further away at the mall or use the steps instead of the escalator. These activities all burn calories and all the little bits add up and could end up being greater than a workout at the gym.

Fat Burner

If you can take the burn then eat lot’s of chili or peri – peri. Nando’s may just well become your best friend. Capsaicin – the substance that gives chili and hot peppers their burn, increases body thermo genesis and calorie burning making chili a fantastic fat burner. It could result in you burning as much as 270 calories more per day. The chili will also aid in colon function which is another great plus.

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