How important is a healthy diet to you.

How important is a healthy diet

The importance of a healthy dietWhen it comes down to losing weight a healthy diet is important. In order to lose those extra pounds and to be generally more healthy it may just be necessary that you change your lifestyle slightly.

Relying on slimming tablets alone for weight loss and continued weight management is foolish. While slimming tablets may make losing weight easy there is no miracle diet pill that will make you lose weight and retain your figure regardless of what you eat.

If you are eating high fat take out foods and drinking several milk shakes daily then no matter how much exercise you do and no matter how many great slimming pills you take, you will still end up gaining weight and risking the health of your heart.

Healthy eating to lose weight.

What you eat is so much more important than how much you eat. You could eat multiple servings of healthy salads and still lose weight while just one fatty hamburger could be adding to your weight gain miseries.

Your total calorie intake is important but let’s face it, calorie counting really sucks and I really don’t suggest that you get hung up on trying to count and keep track of calories the whole time. Most people have a fairly reasonable idea of what constitutes health food and which foods are unhealthy for you.

Don’t try to suddenly cut out all the unhealthy foods all at once. Rather begin by slowly replacing the unhealthy foods one at a time. If you usually have take out foods 3 times a week then first cut them down to twice a week and then when you have become settled on twice a week cut it down further to just once a week. Trying to cut everything out in one go will just get you miserable and will lead to you cheating and feeling like you are a failure.

Replace your in between meal snacks with some fruit. Fruit can satisfy you as much as any snack and fruit has so many more health benefits. Many people suffer from sluggish colons – something which promotes weight gain. Fruit contains natural hydrogen peroxide which assists in cleansing your colon and returning normal bowel functions. Should you suffer from colon problems do try eat some fresh fruit on an empty stomach to cleanse your colon.

Reduce fat intake.

Fats, especially animal fats are difficult for your body to convert to energy and as a result fats tend to be rather stored in your body as fat. Try to eliminate as much fat from your diet as possible but do remember that your system does need a some fat so don’t cut fats totally out of your diet.

Rather eat lean cuts of meat and cut red meat consumption down to a minimum substituting them with chicken, fish or turkey when possible. Use low fat milk where possible. A word of caution on some low fat foods that you may find on the shelves of your supermarket. Check the low fat label for total calorie content against the label of the normal variety. Some “Low Fat” foods do contain higher calories than the normal version.


Carbohydrates are one of the most misunderstood of all the food types when it comes to healthy eating. While carbs may be high in calories the calories derived from carbs are very easily converted into energy and so they account for a large deal of our energy that we have through the day.

The problem with carbs is that eating too much at one meal result in an insulin spike which in turn releases a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol contributes to the accumulation of belly fat. By eating carbs in smaller quantities more frequently you ensure energy all day long without the insulin spikes that are detrimental to your weight loss program.

What you drink

Most adults in western society are semi dehydrated – not because they do not drink enough liquids but rather due to the fact that they do not drink enough pure water. Water not only distributes nourishment around your body but also removes toxins from your body. Toxin accumulation in your body will slow down your metabolic rate so that you begin to gain weight faster.

By cutting down on sugar laden soft drinks, alcohol and other beverages and replacing them with pure water you could increase your weight loss by as much as 25%.


A few small changes to your eating and drinking habits could make the world of difference in how you both look and feel. Start to gradually make small changes and soon you will begin to reap the benefits of improved health and a better figure.

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