Fruit to help you lose weight.

Can fruit help you to lose weight?

Fruit as an aid to weight lossUsing fruit to lose weight. Fruit may just be a whole lot more beneficial to your weight loss than you may have thought.

There are many viewpoints as to just how beneficial fruit may be in a weight loss program. Many argue that the essential vitamins that fruit supply are necessary while others state that fruit is too high in sugar.

Below you will discover two not so well known facts that show just how beneficial fruit can be to your weight loss program.

Fruit can boost your fat burning.

As everyone knows, fruit is a vital source of Vitamin C. The largely unknown part is how adequate supplies of Vitamin C may help you to burn fat faster.

Have you ever smelt something good cooking and suddenly you begin to feel hungry even though you weren’t hungry before you smelt the food. This is as a result of a hormone called Dopamine. The smell of food can release small amounts of Dopamine into your brain which then stimulates your appetite and makes you feel hungry.

Vitamin C is a vital catalyst in the conversion of Dopamine into another hormone called Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine causes your body to increase the rate at which your body converts calories and fat into energy. Possibly you may have experienced that you have an increase in energy levels after eating some fruit – now you know why.

By eating sufficient fruit and elevating your Vitamin C levels in your body you effectively lower the levels of the hunger producing hormone Dopamine and increase the levels of the fat burning hormone Nor-epinephrine resulting in a decreased appetite and increased fat burning.

Many popular prescription diet pills are successful due to their manipulation of these hormones.

Fruit increases colon function.

Good colon function is essential to a healthy lifestyle and to rapid weight loss. The longer that food lies in your digestive tract the more calories and fats are absorbed into your system. Ideally food should pass through your body as fast as possible allowing for only essential calories to be absorbed.

Sadly many people neglect their colon health and have irregular bowel movements. This not only adds to weight gain but can also negatively affect your health due to the putrefied matter producing toxins and these toxins in the colon being absorbed into your system. This is one of the reasons why cancer of the cervix and prostate cancer are so rife – these organs are located very close to the colon and are the first to be affected by toxin uptake.

Fruit contains a natural form of Hydrogen Peroxide which effectively cleans your colon. Simply by eating some fruit daily only an empty stomach is enough to encourage even the most sluggish of colons back into gear.


Even though fruit may be high in natural sugars, some sugar is necessary to your diet. Including a healthy portion of fresh fruit in your daily diet will not only increase your weight loss results but could improve your overall health as well.

Do ensure that you maintain a good balanced diet that consists not only of fruit but a healthy portion of vegetables, a little protein and some essential fats as well.

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