Exercise to help you lose weight

Does exercise help weight loss

Exercise to lose weight. Will doing lots of exercise really help you to lose that much weight?

The role of exercise in weight loss is vastly misunderstood and hopefully I will be able to clear up a couple of the misconceptions that exist.

Weight loss will always be the result of creating a shortage in available calories which results in your body being forced to use stored fat for it’s energy needs.

Creating a calorie deficit is achieved either by lowering your calorie intake or by increasing your energy consumption or both.

Exercise has been proven to account for a mere 15% of total weight loss but this figure does not take one factor into consideration and can therefore be slightly misleading. When you do exercise on a regular basis you encourage new cell formation in the form of muscle growth. New cell formation in your body leads to a faster metabolism which increases your natural fat burning rate.

Sculpted body vs weight loss

A very important factor to take into consideration prior to embarking on a weight loss program is to determine what results you wish to achieve. Are you trying to create a perfect sculpted body or are you simply trying to lose a couple of pounds.

For those that are wishing to create the perfect sculpted body you will need substantially more advice on your workouts than I am able to provide in this article and I would seriously suggest that you enlist the help of a personal trainer that can tailor make a program for you. Personal trainers may be found at your larger gyms if you belong to one.

Sculpted bodies take dedication and often a little assistance from bodybuilding supplements.

Exercising just to lose weight

For the average person who just wishes to lose a little bit of the extra fat that has accumulated you may find that it is not really necessary to spend hours of exercising at the gym.

In fact I personally do not recommend going overboard on any sort of exercise at all.

The reason that I make such a bold statement is that exercise builds muscle and while you do want to tone a little and burn all those extra kilo’s you possibly do not wish to look like a ripped body builder.

Increasing your daily exercise

Increasing the amount of exercise you do can really be as simple as walking just a little bit further each day. Make a point of parking your car at the furthest point in the car park wherever you go. This forces you to walk that little bit further.

Use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Walking up stairs is a great way to burn calories. However if you do happen to work on the 21st floor of a high rise building this may be foolish to attempt at first. Rather walk up to the first floor and catch the lift from there. Once you are comfortable with the first floor then try the second floor.

Play a little with the kids in the afternoon. Put aside even just 10 minutes a day when you spend a little quality time playing ball with the kids. Not only will you benefit from some of the best calorie burning exercise available but you will also be increasing your quality time with the family and destressing as well.

Other methods to improve weight loss.

As mentioned above exercise only really accounts for approximately 15% of total weight loss. Losing weight is a matter of leveraging the formula of calories eaten less calories burnt equals weight lost or gained.

Ideally you want to lower your intake of calories and increase your metabolism so that you are burning off more calories than you are eating and drinking (important factor).

Sometimes we drink far more calories than we realize. An example is that one buddy bottle (500 ml) of carbonated cool drink can contain as much as 900 calories.

For an average woman the recommended daily calorie intake is approximately 1800 calories per day and so drinking just one 500 ml bottle of cool drink can contribute to almost half of your recommended daily calorie intake. You could save many kilo’s by simply replacing that cool drink with a glass of water instead. Avoid fizzy drinks, sweetened drinks and alcohol for best weight loss results.

Reducing the calories that you eat does not mean that you have to go on a starvation diet. Choosing your meals a little more wisely may be all that you need to do. You may in fact discover that you could be eating more than usual and still be able to successfully lose weight.

Using some help

The modern western world is full of factors that will make you gain weight. There are hidden factors such as Obesogens which are chemicals that cause you to gain weight. Then there are all the medications that you may use which alter your hormones and cause weight gain.

Fast living sometimes requires that you rely on fast foods occasionally and these foods tend to go straight to your waistline. Researchers at the University of Minnesota discovered that women who ate fast foods twice a week gained on average 4.5 kg’s more than their counterparts who ate fast foods less than once a week.

Using a fat burner diet pill could help you to gain the figure that you are looking for.

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